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ABP Multi Styrene has been a dominant manufacturer in EPS (expanded polystyrene) and EPP (expanded polypropylene) manufacture since 1978.
ABP Building Products highlights the advantages and cost effectiveness of EPS in the construction industry.

Green Insulation at APEX
Energy Efficiency: productivity drive new commercial building design

"Elements such as radiant heat, evaporative air conditioning, double glazing and wall, roof and floor insulation ensure ideal ambient temprature."

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Construction World

ABP supplies the EPS components for 138 houses for the Botswana Housing Coporation.

The value of fully thermally insulated housing has been understood by the BHC in Botswana. The housing system is to a Canadian design and incorporates 90mm thick EPS panels in a steel studding support system with magnesium oxide boards on either side and a ‘stucco’ plaster completing the system on the outside. Houses range in size from 50 - 68m². As well as this walling system all the houses have ceiling systems and tight sealing uPVC windows.

The lead taken by the BHC in accepting thermal insulation of housing in the harsh African climate is an example for the South African housing authorities.

EPS 50m2 finished house in
All walls
Exterior veiw of development


Green Housing in Memel OFS.

Northlands Projects are building a house in Memel that combines materials to ensure building comfort and interior temperature moderation all year with minimal energy consumption. The north and east walls are being built with thick, rammed earth – these walls absorb heat during the day acting as a heat soak and then slowly release this heat into the house at night. All other walls are being built with Polyblock to ensure that the heat stays inside the house during the cold winter months.

June 2008

ABP are supplying a range of EPS products for housing in the DRC including Polyblock, Polyplast, Variblock the TASS system.

With the growth in the mining sector there is a large demand for housing and ABP’s products are gaining a foothold in this market as they are quick and easy to build with and also protect against the harsh climate in the region.

The first Polyblock house built in Lumbumbashi
Training builders in Lumbumbashi, part of the process to ensure the ABP systems are being correctly used


Mozambique Lodge uses Polyblock to fully insulate each side of chalets.

A unique combination of timber frame construction with Polyblock insert wall panels and thatched roof was used to construct a series of fully insulated chalets in Mozambique. The Polyblock panels were secured to the timber frame by steel Y8 bars secured into the timber and timber ‘studs’ the width of the Polyblock hollow linking the Polyblocks to the building frame. The combination of thatched roof and Polyblock walls will ensure that these lodges are comfortable to live in particularly in the hot summer months.

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ABP have introduced a revolutionary new retaining wall system VARIBLOCK, which is an expanded polystyrene formwork systems which has significant application and closet advantages over using either brick skins or metal formawork.

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February 2008

A unique, decorative, exterior wall moulding product range, COBLIT, has been launched by ABP. COBLIT is an expanded polystyrene moulding system that can be precut to any shape or size and is coated in factory with a uniform 2-3mm thick resin based plaster system.
The COBLIT system comprises of the preplastered mouldings, two pack adhesive and filler paste. The mouldings are glued to the wall with the quickset adhesive and can be painted with any type of exterior paint.

COBLIT advantages include: speed and accuracy with which the mouldings can be fitted, low labour requirement, close dimensional accuracy and durability.

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February 2008

Two new TASS Licensees appointed

ABP have appointed Duvhula Construction and PRO.Com cc as TASS lincesees.

Duvhula operate in the greater Gauteng region and Pro.Com have operations in Bloemfontein and Nelspruit.

October 2007


Agreement of Sourth Africa CertificateThe ABPPolyblock building system has been certificated by the Agrement Board of South Africa.
Agrement is responsible for assessing innovative building systems, ratifying that they comply to the South African building codes of practice and standards and monitoring their use in the local construction industry to ensure the systems are correctly used.
For consumers looking to use these innovative systems, Agrement certification provides peace of mind and facilitates municipal and bank approval of building plans.

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Agrement Board of South Africa website www.agrement.co.za

September 2007

House Botha Nottingham Road KZN

TUFS, ABP Building Products under floor and in wall, thermally insulating system used in House Botha Nottingham Road KZN

TUFs is a cost effective way of simply insulating under ground floor slabs and in brick walls to create a highly effective thermal barrier to increase home comfort by moderating internal home temperatures and reduce the ongoing energy costs associated with heating and cooling.

The use of expanded polystyrene to insulate this home under floor, in wall and in ceiling was approximately 0,02% of the total cost of building this house.

The design of TUFS into a normal ground floor slab to thermally insulate this area and prevent the ground under the house from being a heat soak for temperature generated in the house is approximately 12-15% cheaper than a traditional concrete ground floor slab with the added benefits of home comfort and reduced energy expenditure on heating and cooling.

Where under floor heating is to be installed TUFS significantly increases the effectiveness of these systems by ensuring the heat generated goes into the living space and not into the ground. This effectively means that under floor heating system can be used for a couple of hours a night rather than the full night cycle with the same heating results.

With the rising costs of energy TUFS should be installed in every new house or commercial building built as a matter of course.

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Monaghan Eco Development, Cradle of Mankind, Gauteng.

The roof slab for this building, which is the hub of an Eco development project at the Cradle of Mankind was built using the lightweight, insulated TASS floor slab system. TASS had 3 key properties around its specification; lightweight which allowed an area with minimal column interference, thermal insulation to moderate the temperature of the entertainment area underneath and falling within the realm of an eco friendly product which was core to the values of this development. The engineering design was done by TASS licensee, MRH Consulting Engineers, and the design features included using an I beam internal to the TASS slab to allow large cantilever spans as well as an edge I beam to act both structurally and as edge formwork. The architect for the project was Enrico Daffonchio and Associates.

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August 2007

A new TASS licensee appointed

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