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ABP realise the importance of skills development and training in increasing the awareness and acceptability of their expanded polystyrene building products.

ABP have constructed a training centre at their Isando premises to both showcase their products and to train builders in how to use them.

The training centre also acts as a permanent test and exposure centre for experimental EPS plasters. Plasters can be monitored and assessed for how they perform both on direct north (sun) and south (shade) facing walls.

Training courses are normally one day long and are scheduled to occur once to twice a month or on request provided the number of delegates is greater than 6.

ABP have a full time trainer who runs these training programs and is also responsible for follow up on site training.

The training centre and training course show and cover the following products respectively:

- ABPPolyblock. As well as fully constructed walls the centre shows how to   prepare and build foundations, wall start up, fitting windows and doors, electrical   and plumbing installation, building columns, plastering and finishing

- TASS floor slab system

- Polycap

- TUFS under floor and in wall installation

- Window and door frame systems for Polyblock.

- Wall finishing with plasters, paints, sealers and tiles

- Cornice fitting

- Wall decoration with EPS mouldings.

Adjacent to the training centre is a permanent showroom where the various ABP products are showcased with project pictures and product examples.

Included in this show area are other products that contribute to the building of energy and labour efficient buildings.

For those interested in attending one of the ABP building courses please complete the following training enquiry form.

ABP Building Products Training Enquiry Form



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Download PDF APB Training Manual - Click Here (2.7 Meg)


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