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ABP Building Products are assisting in the building of a foster care home to be managed by Peter and Jennifer DeLuca the owners of the internationally renowned Casalinga restaurant in Honeydew.

The DeLucas in co operation with the “Acres of Love – Forever Home” organization are building the home on their property in Honeydew to house 5 orphans and 2 full time care mothers.

The “Acres of Love” organization adopts and takes care of abandoned babies providing a home for life.

The Delucas saw the opportunity to provide an alternative housing solution for their home by building an energy efficient, quick and easy to build, low energy requirement home.

To achieve this they are using 3 of ABP Building Products’ building systems:

- TUFS which is an expanded polystyrene tongue and grooved, sheeting system which is placed under the ground floor slab and has a dual function of thermal insulation and damp proof barrier. TUFS prevents heat generated inside the building from being dissipated into the ground and is highly effective in combating ‘cold feet syndrome’

- ABPPolyblock is a walling system made up of hollow expanded polystyrene blocks which are filled with reinforced concrete. The system is known internationally as ‘insulated concrete forms’ and not only is it structurally more sound than brick and quicker to build with but also provides permanent wall insulation. The walls will be plastered with the ABP Polyplast expanded polystyrene plaster system.

- The first floor and roof slabs will be constructed using the TASS, thermal and acoustic slab system. TASS is essentially a ’rib and block’ slab system but breaks from tradition by using expanded polystyrene void formers supported by cold rolled steel lipped channels which act as the ribs. The components are lightweight and easy to install and once in place add significantly to the sound and thermal insulation of buildings

The rationale behind choosing these materials goes hand in glove with the caring nature of the home itself in that it is using eco friendly, safe to use materials that will provide a superior living environment and home comfort with reduced energy consumption.

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